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We offer different range of services such as technical support and design up to installation for solar power plant, from our experiences about the market we are able to optimize installation design and offer our clients a reliable technical support.
Our aim is providing the most beneficial and optimized design depends on the location and all the effective parameters such as sun hours, humidity, sun path shadow, system losses, land status, process of grid injection and all other various specification. in the meantime offering profitable solutions for developing and managing the project.


Our well trained team ready to track down all the parameters during the design and installation to finally achieving the optimized structure for the project.

Sorena team with the experience of many design and consultation and more than 10 types of installation such as solar water pumps, solar trackers, solar houses, power plants and etc. is ready to provide advises for different type of projects. also there is service available to monitoring the projects installed by other contractor companies.

  • Component selection
  • Technical services
  • Project management
  • Project consultancy
  • Installation planning
  • Introducing Local sub-contractors

Operation & Maintenance

Monitoring the procedure of solar power plant operation could guarantee our customers profits. Tracking all the parameters through the monitoring software enable us to maximize the produced energy and losses during the operations time for securing income of the project and quicker maintenance services.

Some of our offer:

  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Providing operating reports
  • Support on insurance and guarantee issue
  • Optimization of system operation
  • Continuous remote plant monitoring

Project Development

We offer:

  1. Paperwork Services
  2. Getting land and all the permissions and certificates
  3. Signing Power Purchase Agreement ( PPA) with SUNA

Process of signing PPA

  • Registration
  • Issuance of Permits
  • Construction permit
  • Environment Preservation Organization’s permit
  • Acquiring grid connection permission
  • Obtaining land delivery permission
  • Obtaining water allocation and riverbed boundary permit
  • the last step, signing PPA by SUNA (After reviewing all the documents, permission and certificate by SUNA)

all the steps mentioned above will be done according to client preference (Location, Capacity and etc)


Financing and investment

Supporting our clients for financing solution or finding suitable investors for their projects. we utilize financial model which has flexibility in investment issues for high risk Market. creating business plan for the project, providing solutions to increasing the income of the project depends on the location and other parameters. advises on decreasing TAX and customer clearance.


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leading Consultancy, Project Developer, installer and Supplier Company in the field of renewable energy with group of experienced people from different background. We are ready to provide various services for Iranian and Foreigner client.

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