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We are offering various services depends on our customers preferenc.

Our Services


Our experienced team is one of the best in consultancy for project development, system design and installation. Our aim is leading the customers with accurate consultancy and beneficial solution for their financing/investment, EPC and other project in renewable energy market.


we are representing several high standard brands, years of experience and cooperation with high quality companies worldwide, enable us to provide all EPC services.


more than 6 years experience make us one of the high standard group in the market for project management and project development in the phase of installation.


Our R&D and energy optimization department, Developing the nano technology production, thermal and humidity insulation for reducing energy consumption caused by heating and cooling system.

About Us

HOW are we?

Sorena Company was established 2010 in Iran which is a leading company in Renewable energy consultant (Technical/ Financial), project developer, system designer and supplier which comes from a different background with unique experiences. Sorena headquarter is located in Tehran but our products distributing by the agents across the country. The aim is to provide competitive services, support for Iranian and foreigner costumers.



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About Us

leading Consultancy, Project Developer, installer and Supplier Company in the field of renewable energy with group of experienced people from different background. We are ready to provide various services for Iranian and Foreigner client.

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